Cycling Coaching

By Dan Small

Cycling Coaching

By Dan Small

    About Dan

    My Background


    Always interested in both the science and art of performance from a young age, I started coaching when I was 16, initially in Athletics and then later moving my focus to Cycling. After studying for a degree in Sport and Exercise Science I spent 8 years working in the Coaching Education and Development department at British Cycling before setting up Mountain Goat Coaching full time in 2014.

    I provide tailor-made performance coaching with a philosophy of focussing on each individual’s needs and helping all riders to develop using the training methods most appropriate to them. There is no-one-size fits all, don't try to fit a square peg in to a round hole and don't be a sheep!

    Who I Work With


    I have worked with a huge variety of cyclists from novice all the way up international level and everyone in between. I’m currently working with people aged 14 to 60 years, across a wide variety of cycling disciplines and ability levels.

    I work hard to continually develop my knowledge and coaching skills and love the variety of different challenges that my riders present me with. I've been involved in coaching for 2 decades but still continue to keep learning every day!

    Cycling Performance Squad


    An exciting new project for 2019 is the launch of the Cycling Performance Squad (CPS), a Junior Development Programme and Team for which I am the lead coach.

    For riders with ambitions to pursue a career as a professional cyclist, CPS was formed to give Junior riders (aged 16-18) the opportunity to develop in a highly supportive environment and explore their full potential.

    The 2019 Team consists of 6 female and 6 male riders.


    Marianne Heffron: Parent of Young Athlete (Amelie Wayte)

    "Dan started coaching my daughter recently when she joied his junior Squad, CPS for 2019. She spent a long time looking at different teams for her first year as a junior and chose CPS as Dan was offering real coaching support in a developmental environment.  
    The coaching and mentoring she is receiving from him is second to none. Each session she is given is solely tailored to her goals, the sessions are always clearly explained so she knows exactly what she has to do. The sessions really push her but the targets set are all realistic and achievable, every minute on the turbo and road is made to count, no empty miles, every session has a training purpose, smart training. Dan is very careful to include adequate rest and recovery time each week, allowing Amelie to adapt to the training stress and progress without overreaching. He is also completely flexible and Amo's sessions all depend on her previous session and how that went.
    She hasnt raced much yet this year but is really looking forward to representing her new team in 2019 both nationally and in Europe
    Dan is so generous with his time, nothing is ever too much, he is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, gives constructive and honest feedback to her on every session, he is passionate, really cares about what he is doing and about the athletes he is coaching. I am a very happy parent, Amo is a very happy and lucky athlete."

    Rebecca Palmer: Parent of Young Athlete (Ben Stevens)

    "I would recommend Dan of Mountain Goat coaching because of his extensive knowledge and experience but more than that his care of the rider. Dan 100% puts the riders best interests at heart. He tailors training specifically to suit each riders individual needs and goes to great lengths to understand what that might be. My son is improving his fitness and results, developing confidence and making good friends under Dan's care. I honestly couldn't recommend Mountain Goat Coaching highly enough."

    Lousie Hamilton: Veteran Time Trial Racer

    " I had to "unlearn" 30 years’ worth of cycling in order to learn a big lesson today! Genius Dan Small, if you want to learn something about someone else, read stuff, if you want to learn something about yourself, get a good coach!"

    Norman Hughes: First Time ABSA Cape Epic Finisher (Vet 50-60)

    "I had hardly believed it possible that Dan could get me to such a level of fitness which indeed did enable me to finish this massive personal challenge, however he did just that. The service he provides is extremely bespoke, was constantly adjusted to suit my individual progress and far exceeds the return on investment."


    Mountain Goat Coaching

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